New Vision Values

The philosophy of New Vision International School emphasizes the dignity and worth of each student, the development of the individual’s responsibilities to self and society, the development of a strong foundation for academic achievement, and the development of inquiry and critical thinking skills, personal creativity, and 21st century skills.

We believe:

  • All children are capable of learning;
  • In the development of each student’s maximum potential and individual capabilities;
  • That students need the intellectual tools and social skills to function and adapt to an ever-changing international society;
  • That the ability to read, write, and to articulate one’s thoughts are the tools which empower the individual over the course of a lifetime;
  • That the students must be trained in the process of inquiry and to access and utilize information through traditional and electronic research mediums;
  • That as communication technologies advance, we must prepare out students to be active citizens of the global community;