Our Vision

The school’s vision is to be a vibrant international community offering an outstanding American-style education, focused on independent learning and the promotion of global citizenship

New Vision International School seeks to bring forth highly competent, educated, and effective leaders and citizens of the world, who honor their cultural identity and are understanding, tolerant, and appreciative of other cultures. They pursue intellectual, physical, and spiritual excellence through life-long learning, in order to lead purposeful lives and to make valuable contributions to their community and to the well-being of humanity.

It is the aim of NVIS to expand and develop the quantity and quality of services render to both the International Baccalaureate and local communities. It aims to do so through continuously augmenting the courses of study to reflect the trends and needs of modern and future world. New Vision International School seeks to establish mutually advantageous relationships with area businesses and organizations in order to enhance our society and our students’ involvement in the community.